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The Right Socks for Extreme Weather Environments

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Before a trip into snow-covered fields or a work excursion into the blazing sun, you need to be prepared. While a heavy coat and sunscreen can take care of most of your body, they don't offer much relief for your feet. With TechSpun, you can enjoy comfortable, dry feet in any weather. Choose our all weather system or our extreme weather socks, depending on your needs, and experience the difference. Regular socks just won't cut it to keep your feet comfortable and dry in extremely hot or cold environments.

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How It Works

The TechSpun Environmental Sock System utilizes 14" Coolmax liner socks to control the inner environment next to the skin surface and the uniquely designed 12" Boot Socks. These outdoor socks are constructed of a blend of premium grade, high denier-count U.S. wool, a stable fiber polypropylene, and a small amount of nylon to aid in stretchiness.

These fabrics are pre-treated, blended, and knitted into a unique high-density, reversed terry nap/high loft boot sock. The ambient air is trapped by the reversed terry nap yarn, which prevents cold and/or heat from penetrating the interior environment next to the foot while maximizing the surface area for moisture transport management, also known as wicking. The terry nap cushions your feet, displaces friction by reducing chafing, and prevents blisters. It also minimizes pressure points.

The Coolmax soft, lightweight liner fibers promote the natural cooling action of the foot by wicking away moisture, keeping the foot ultra-dry and comfortable while minimizing food odor and bacteria buildup. You will not find a better pair of outdoor socks.

Proper Fit

It is very important that your socks fit comfortably within the interior space of your new or existing insulated or non-insulated boots. Make sure to provide enough room for all your toes to be in their natural position and allow for toe motion.

The boot sock density and thickness is determined by total load to be carried (your weight + additional weight = total carriage weight) plus temperature range. Remember that the bulkier knit construction of the EW system may require a wider or larger boot size than you would normally wear.

Please note that these socks are not a substitute for insulation in conditions where insulated boots are required.

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Sock Systems

The TechSpun Sock System consists of two socks: an inner liner sock and an outer boot sock. All sock systems require the use of the liner sock. The liner sock only comes in one weight and is used to wick moisture away from the foot.

The TechSpun boot socks come in two weights: All Weather (AW) and Extreme Weather (EW). The All Weather socks are our most popular and versatile option, designed to handle moderate to heavy conditions and temperatures from 0 degrees to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Our Extreme Weather socks are a heavier weight version of the All Weather design. They are capable of withstanding extreme load conditions and extreme temperatures ranging from - 40 degrees to 0 degrees and 100 degrees to +120 degrees Fahrenheit.

TechSpun Socks

TechSpun Hassle-Free Guarantee

We know that you are making quite an investment in socks—of all things-but if you feel that they are not the best socks that you have ever worn, please send them back!

If our sock system does not perform as stated in our claims, you can return the socks for a full refund.*

If the outer boot socks wear out prematurely, just return the socks for replacement.**

Return Address:
TechSpun,111Rt. 545
Chesterfield, NJ 08515

*Refund less S&H costs
**Replacement includes S&H costs

Our Satisfied Customers Include:

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• Ship Crews
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