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Q. I sometimes get an allergic reaction when I wear all wool socks, and your socks are a blend of wool. Do you think I will still have a reaction?

A. With the proper use of the system, the Coolmax liner will shield your skin from the outer boot sock and you will have no reaction.

Q. Going on a 10-day hunting trip; how many pairs of outdoor socks will I need?

A. The travel pack that includes two pairs of boot socks (which are indestructible and need to be washed less frequently) and three pairs of Coolmax liners (which can be washed by hand and air dried overnight) is all you'll need.

Q. I get the impression your boot socks are bulky. How do I know if they'll fit in my boots?

A. Our All Weather System (AW) is no bulkier than other heavy weight wool socks on the market. It is very important that your socks fit comfortably within the interior space of your boots. Make sure to provide enough room for all your toes to be in their natural position and allow for toe motion. When buying new boots, fit the boots to the outdoor socks. Our Extreme Weather System (EW) is bulkier than most and may require a wider or larger boot than you would normally wear.

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