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Friction Heat & Moisture Management
Double Lay-R® Coolmax® Socks for all of your Sport/Casual Activities!!!

Double Lay-R® Coolmax® Blister Free Socks Double Lay-R® Coolmax® "Diabetic Approved"
Designed for all of your Sport and Casual Activities. These socks are made of a double layer construction - like wearing two pairs of socks in one without adding double thickness. The fiber is Invista's® Coolmax® - a lightweight soft and non-chafing yarn with superior wicking action. The combination of the double layer construction and the Coolmax® fibers eliminates friction, heat, moisture and keeps your feet cool,dry,comfortable and Blister Free !! 

90% Coolmax®
10% Nylon

The Fiber:
The fiber is Invista's® Coolmax® - a four channel core fiber that is lightweight, soft and a non-chafing yarn which actually wicks the moisture away from the foot.

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