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"Thank you for taking the time to develop the TechSpun product line. Several members of my U.S. Army unit, which is currently deployed to Iraq, received pairs of your socks donated through "Operation AC." Most of us didn't realize what a great gift we were given until we tried them. As one who has to wear liners to minimize the irritation common to regular combat boot socks, I must say the comfort level I experienced with your socks is greater than I ever thought possible.

I have waited until the hot summer months to write, thinking the 120-degree plus temperatures may change my mind. Your product has dispelled all of my doubts, even at the uncomfortable temperatures we see daily. Your product continues to please and I am thankful you took the time to develop the TechSpun product line.

Thanks again for caring for those serving in Iraq and elsewhere.


Captain G. B.

B. B.

"I got my first pair of these socks last summer and I've been using then in both summer and winter since. The outer socks are thick and heavy, but they are the most comfortable, warmest socks I've ever used.

The best way to think of these is as a kind of a cross between a custom fit boot liner and a sock. They provide a cushion between your foot and the boot that does not collapse as the day goes on. I have one pair of nordic ski boots that have always given me blisters on a long day, these socks have eliminated that problem.

I particularly like the liner socks in that they are calf height, by themselves they work well as a good alpine ski sock in warm weather."

B. B.

Rick A.

"My passion, Steelhead! Weather, the worse the better. My gear.....the Best! And it gets put to the test. Cold, Wet, Rain, Snow. To get to the fish, endure. Cold feet are always an issue. Even worst when you are hiking into remote areas and breaking a sweat. My TecSpun sock system was the solution where all others failed. I have countless hours and miles on my original pair. 9 seasons to date and they are in New Condition. Never had a pair of socks hold up like these. Liners have never lost their elasticity and the wool and polypropylene blend sock has never lost their loft. They come out of the laundry like New every time. What else is there to say. Take care of your feet and stay on the water all day."

Rick A.

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"'You nailed it' The last thing I need to worry about is how cold my feet are going to get. With your socks I'm worry free. Deer or Goose hunting even Ice Fishing my dogs stay toasty ! 'Great Product'"

Tom P.

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