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The TECHSPUN ENVIRONMENTAL 2-PART SOCK SYSTEM with a comfort range from -40*F to +120*F does NOT feel, look, wear and will out perform any other sock period!

The World's Best All-Weather Socks

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The TechSpun Environmental Sock System was originally designed, tested and adapted by the U.S. Military for comfortable use in all weather conditions. The TECHSPUN ENVIRONMETAL SOCK SYSTEM consists of two socks, an inner Coolmax liner sock and an outer wool/polypropylene boot sock. With this two sock system working together TECHSPUN controls both the inner and outer environment at the same time. Our 2-part system is designed to prevent friction, provide insulation and reduce moisture build-up. The high density nap construction of our boot socks provides maximum comfort on all types of terrain and in all weather conditions. Choose from our TechSpun Extreme Weather (EW) or All Weather (AW) options. Both are ideal for all weather conditions and provide ultimate protection for your feet. 

The TechSpun 2 Part Sock System is perfect for hiking, hunting, winter weather sports, summer activities, and much more. You will never have to shop around for another sock once you buy our multi-purpose, all-weather boot socks. Perfect in extreme temperatures at both ends of the spectrum, your feet will stay comfortable and dry throughout the day.

 Enjoy all day comfort :Eliminate friction, heat and moisture                 keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable                DIABETIC APPROVED 

Why Double Lay-R

Learn how our socks work and why they can provide comfort,moisture protection and insulation durning any weather conditions

Why TechSpun

Our Socks Last A Lifetime! 100% Guaranteed.

Remember: Select your boots carefully, making sure that they fit properly and provide enough room for all of the toes to be in their natural positions.

Our socks do not feel, look, wear and will outperform any other sock, period!

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