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TechSpun Environmental Sock System

About Techspun

Originally designed, tested and adopted by the U.S military for extreme weather conditions and practicality.

The TechSpun Sock System consists of two socks; an inner liner sock and an outer boot sock.

The TechSpun Environmental Sock system has a guaranteed comfort range in weather of -40* to +120* degrees. Available in TWO weights : Extreme Weather (EW) and All Weather (AW).

The sock ensemble is designed to transfer moisture from skin to the boot , to provide insulation from COLD and/or HEAT, to provide “stand off” from the boot ,to decrease friction on the skin, to prevent blisters, and prevent lace irritation on the top of the foot. The high density nap construction is designed to maintain cushioning under maximum load conditions.

“Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!”

Born and Bred in the USA



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